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Laboratory for testing the quality

LLC "Planet Plastic " offers services own certified laboratory for testing the quality of the polyethylene compositions (raw materials), plastic pipes and plastic films:


  • Determination of the yield scatter and melt flow index.
  • Content of volatile matters in the feedstock.
  • Control marking surface appearance, dimensioning, elongation at break, tensile strength polyethylene films and pipes.
  • Shrinkage of polyethylene film.
  • Variable length of the tube after heating.
  • Steadiness of polyethylene pipes at a constant internal pressure at 20 ° C, 80 ° C not less than 100, 165, and 1000 hours.


Testing Laboratory (certificate of attestation number ПT-484/15 from 24.12.15, valid until 23.12.18), certified in accordance with the certification of the application area to conduct: the acceptance and periodic testing of polyethylene pipes and polyethylene films, in accordance with the state standards, operating on the territory of Ukraine.