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Maximum print width - up to 1500 mm

Maximum material width - up to 1600 mm

Material thickness - from 40 to 500 microns

Number of colors - from 1 to 6

Reverse printing: 3 + 3, 6 + 0

The most popular method of applying images on different rolled materials is flexographic printing. This is a specific type of printing, which is characterized by the use of highly rotational printing method with flexible photopolymer printing forms through which the paint is fixed on flexible materials, including the polyethylene film. Service life of the form is appr. 2 years and this allows repeated mounting of the form on the printing press followed by the reduction in printing costs.


Flexoprint enables printing by alcohol-soluble and water-based paints, as well as application of the protective lacquer layer.


Printing your logo and advertising on the packaging film.

By using the flexoprint on the film you can distinguish your products from another, protect it from counterfeiting and convey necessary information about the product.

Application of high-quality paintwork materials, new modern equipment for flexographic printing, the knowledge and professionalism of the “Planet Plastic” personnel – all this is the guarantee of high quality of our printed products.

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