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Film thickness: 100-150 microns

The width of the film: 12m

Length of film: 25 50 m

Service life: 24 months

Three-layer black-and-white film is used to cover silage pits and trenches and provides UV protection (white layer reflects the sunlight, black layer absorbs the sunlight); it can be used for sheltering and for covering trenches’ bottom and walls.


“Planet Plastic” is the only manufacturer in Ukraine of a three-layer black-and-white silage film, width 12 meters, which can cover almost any trench. Film thickness is 100 – 150 microns, which provides reliable protection from mechanical damages.


Advantages of using a special silage film:


  • minimization of feed loss
  • safe shelter, and as a result – high quality feed
  • easier feed-preparatory process
  • convenient and simple use
  • long-term storage of feed due to its high degree of impermeability and sealing material
  • long-term preservation of nutrient value of feed raw materials


Black-and-white film is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) by a three-layer extrusion method. If you wish to buy black-and-white silage film, please contact our responsible trend managers.