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Three layer polyethylene shrink film

The width of the film:

Sleeve: from 1.5 to 2.7 m

Canvas: from 0.25 to 2.2 m

The thickness of the film:

Sleeve: 40-220 microns

Canvas: 20-220 microns

Shrinkage temperature from 120 to 250 °C

“Planet Plastic” is the manufacturer of multilayer shrink films for a multiple and cordwood packaging.


During the production of three-layer shrink film, each layer is formed separately, which results in the increase in strength by 15-20%, compared to similar single-layer film thickness. This makes it possible to reduce the film thickness without impairing its performance properties and accurately choose the film formula to the technical features of the packaging equipment. Furthermore, the reduction of the film thickness makes it possible to decrease the temperature in the heat tunnel, which saves energy.


Advantages of product packaging with multi-layer shrink film:

  • reduction of packaging material thickness without losing strength properties (in comparison with a single-layer film)
  • significant energy saving
  • protection of goods from damage during transportation
  • prevention of unauthorized opening of goods
  • ecological compatibility and hygiene packaging
  • convenient organization of storage facilities
  • visual control of goods


Multi-layer shrink film of the “Planet Plastic” production is produced with the usage of modern automated line of the Italian firm “Luigi Bandera”:

  • the line is equipped with sensors for measuring and inspection of film thickness and temperature and automatically adjusts the configured thickness parameters.
  • the dosing system can automatically select the required amount of raw material according to the formula proportions.
  • automatic roller. According to the configured length, width and weight parameters the computer evaluates the roll readiness, finishes the reeling cycle and automatically starts a new one.


The film is made of polymer compositions with the possibility to add different additives:

  • slip agents
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • light stabilizers
  • heat stabilizers


 “Planet Plastic” offers shrink film with the application of high-quality printing that will distinguish your products from another.


Contact our managers to order the customized multi-layer shrink film.