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Stretch hood

The width of the film: from 1.3 to 1.8 m

Film thickness: 50-200 microns

Folds: from 0.25 to 0.5 m

As of today the most advanced technology of packaging various goods is a stretch hood. Stretch hood is used for packaging not only goods, but also the pallet with the cargo. Due to this film the cargo is tightly secured on the pallets and does not move, preventing possible fall during transportation.

Areas of application:

  • construction industry (cement, bricks, glazed tile, etc.)
  • for combined packaging of food products (refreshments, canned food, etc.)
  • for individual or combined packaging of industrial machines and household appliances.

Advantages of stretch hood:

  • High strength, stiffness and rigidness of the package. The cargo is firmly pressed against the pallet. When using the stretch hood the retention force is much higher than when packaged in shrink film. The retention force of stretch hood acts constantly in any pallet position at various displacements and bumps during transportation.
  • Fast pallet packing. When using stretch hood the packaging of products is 2.5-3 times faster.
  • Reduction of costs. The use of stretch hood 2-3 times reduces the expenses per unit of packaging film and helps to optimize the personnel and energy costs.
  • Transparency and glaze. Stretch hood has high transparency and glaze; it permits the company to emphasize the appearance of a glossy and bright packaging, enabling easy reading of information on the product and the packaging sheet.

Stretch hood of the “Planet Plastic” production is the multi-layer material of the polymer compositions, which is produced with the usage of modern automated line of the Italian firm “Luigi Bandera”:

  • the line is equipped with sensors for measuring and inspection of film thickness and temperature and automatically adjusts the configured thickness parameters.
  • the dosing system can automatically select the required amount of raw material according to the formula proportions.
  • automatic roller. According to the configured length, width and weight parameters the computer evaluates the roll readiness, finishes the reeling cycle and automatically starts a new one.

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