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Warning tape

Width: 75-300 mm

Thickness: 45-200 microns

Length of the tape roll: 50-500 m

Warning tapes are used to prevent highways damages, to warn against danger or to restrict the access. The advantage of tape is its low cost, long service life and light weight.


“Planet Plastic” produces polyethylene warning and safety tapes of different purposes. Possible customized production of tapes with printing of text and images.


Warning tape “CAUTION! CABLE” is intended for laying cable above the power lines. Warning tape is made in red or orange color, width – 150 or 300 mm and thickness 200 microns. Rolls length – 100, 250 and 500 m.


Safety warning tape “Communication cable” is intended for laying fiber-optic communication lines, telecommunications networks from automatic pipelayer or manually above the protective pipe. Color of signal tape – orange, width – 80 mm, thickness – 80 microns. Rolls length – 500 m.


Warning tape “DANGER, GAS!” is fitted into in a trench above the gas polyethylene pipe at a height of 50-70 sm to prevent the pipeline damage during repair works or excavations. Warning tape “DANGER, GAS!” is made in yellow color, width – 200 mm, thickness – 60 mm. Rolls length – 100, 250 and 500 m.


Safety tape is used when performing construction and repair works. This tape is used as fencing to warn the surrounding persons about such works and to prevent the unauthorized access on the sites. Safety warning tape is made with application of red and white stripes with an angle 45°, width – 80 mm, thickness -50 mm. Available roll length: 50, 100, 200, 250 and 500 m.