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Protective polyethylene pipes for telecommunications

Mark polyethylene: PE 63, PE 100

Diameter: 14 to 50 mm

Colour: Orange

Polyethylene Products Plant “Planet Plastic” produces polyethylene pipes for the protection of fiber-optic communication cables from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), grade PE 63, PE 100, diameter from 32 to 50 mm.


The pipes are manufactured in coils with the maximum size 2000 m. Protective pipes have a Certificate of Quality, Safety and Health Certificate, and comply with the TU U 25.2-32375670-01-2003 83.


Areas of application.

These pipes are used as a mechanical protection for fiber-optic communication cables from external influences, as well as for the creation of a sub-channel for laying fiber-optic communication cable.


Protective polyethylene pipe. Advantages.

  • protective pipe for cable laying protects the cable from mechanical damages
  • reduces the time and financial expenses for cable network laying
  • service life up to 50 years
  • polyethylene pipes for cable laying are characterized by increased frost resistance
  • polyethylene pipes for cable are light-weight, therefore their transportation requires less special equipment
  • ribbed inner surface of the protective pipes significantly reduces the friction force at the retraction of cable


“Planet Plastic” pays great attention to the quality of its products, therefore the company has the Quality Control Department and its own certified laboratory, where all raw materials and manufactured products undergo inspection.