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Polyethylene pipes for non pressure drainage and technical water supply system

Material: polyethylene

Diameter: 14 to 315 mm

Color: black or gray

A special category of polyethylene pipe products includes the so-called technical pipes. Their key feature is that they are used in the areas without strict requirements as to the level of internal pressure in the pipe, therefore the main parameters of the product may be optional and depend on the manufacturer. Polyethylene Products Plant “Planet Plastic” produces high-quality polyethylene pipes for non-pressure drainage and technical water supply system with a diameter from 14 to 315 mm. Pipes diameter up to 110 mm are manufactured in coils from 50 to 200 m, pipes diameter from 110 to 315 mm are available in lengths 12 m (or other lengths agreed with the customer).


Areas of application

  • installation and construction of non-pressure drainage
  • creation of non-pressure melioration and irrigation systems in greenhouse facilities
  • for installation of ventilation, electric mains and communication cables


Technical pipe. Advantages.

  • the price of technical non-pressure pipes is twice lower than of the pipes for pressurized water supply system, as they are made of the recycled granule of its own production
  • polyethylene drainage pipes have a longer service life in comparison with metal pipes.
  • polyethylene technical pipes have high frost resistance
  • perfectly withstand aggressive chemicals
  • polyethylene pipes are light-weight, therefore their transportation requires less special equipment
  • do not suffer corrosion
  • polyethylene technical pipe diameter up to 110 mm is produced in coils, which reduces the number of joints during installation
  • polyethylene drainage pipes can be used for trenchless pipe laying