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Stabilized greenhouse film st 24


Film thickness: from 80 to 200 microns

Width of the film: from 3 to 6 m

Service life: 24 months  

Application - for covering small greeneries and greenhouses

Traditionally, one of the most requested and a popular type of stabilized film for greenhouses in Ukraine is the film of the TM “Soyuz” – the first stabilized film of the Ukrainian manufacturer “Planet Plastic”.

The history of the brand “Soyuz” goes back 20 years. It is not surprising that the film of the TM “Soyuz” is the most popular among Ukrainian farmers and greenhouse owners. The proven quality multiplied by the best price has immediately earned the customer loyalty.

The film of the TM “Soyuz” is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) by a single-layer extrusion method, in a bag and half-bag form. The width of film spread may be up to 6 meters, thickness – from 80 to 200 microns.

The film is manufactured according to the GOST 10354-82 and has a Certificate of Quality.

Advantages of greenhouse film:

  • significant reduction in the estimates for the construction of greenhouses
  • easy and quick assembly of polyethylene film
  • optimum microclimate inside the greenhouse
  • greenhouses, covered with polyethylene film, can be easily dismantled and installed in another location, if necessary
  • increased resistance to adverse environmental effects
  • encourages the forwardness of the crops

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