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Grain bags

Diameter: from 1.5 to 3 m

Length: from 30 to 90 m

Thickness: from 200 to 250 microns


  • silo
  • herbage
  • green fodder
  • sunflower seeds
  • beet pulp
  • rolled grain
  • wheat
  • barley
  • haylage
  • soybean
  • corn
  • rice

Grain bags of TM “Harwell” serve an alternative for grain and silo storage. When storing grain in bags you get such advantages as minimum one-time expenses, the possibility to store and sort grain in its own territory.


The technology – storage of grain in the airtight environment in the anaerobic condition, achieved by a dense loading of grain in a special polyethylene grain bag.


Production. Grain bags of the “Planet Plastic” production are made of polymer compositions by a three-layer extrusion method. Exclusive line for the production of three-layer polyethylene bags for grain storage meets all international standards. Plastic grain bags consist of two layers – white and black. White layer reflects the sunlight and prevents temperature increase inside the bag. The inner black layer protects the product against the penetration of direct sunlight. Besides, all layers contain a special additive – stabilizer, which protects the film from the damaging UV effects.


Benefits of grain storage technologies in polyethylene bags of TM «Harwell»

Investment benefits:

  • cost-effective storage system with low investments. All investments result in the purchase of relatively low-cost equipment and bags for grain or silo storage, as well as site preparation for bags placement.
  • no need to invest in expensive construction of granaries.


Technological benefits:

  • makes possible to avoid forced stoppage of harvest campaign, which often happens due to the lack of free space on the indoor barn-floors and lack of transport for the pickup of products from under the harvester
  • no need for transportation of grain to the elevator
  • the possibility of separate and secured storage of sorted grain
  • grain is not damaged during loading into the bag
  • the possibility to store grain on any field or at the prepared site
  • grain does not require fumigation


Financial benefits:

  • exclusion of storage costs in the grain elevator
  • reduction of transport costs
  • avoidance of risk of returning mixed grain from the elevator with underestimation of grain quality (loss in value)
  • provision of bagged grain to the banks or appraisers of the insurance company as collateral for receiving the loan
  • avoidance of forced sale of grain at bargain prices of harvest season
  • prevention of grain trucks’ waiting time at the port or at the grain elevator

“Planet Plastic” is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic bags, and its production capacities can meet all farmers’ needs in the cost-effective storage of grain.