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Artificial pond has always been a good idea for the decoration of any summer cottage or backyards. One of the main elements of pond arrangement is a special film for water basins. Due to the fact that the bottom of the future water basin is covered with the film designed for the pond, the water does not leak into the ground and remains within the artificial pond for a long period.


Polyethylene Products Plant “Planet Plastic” produces polyethylene insulation film from high-density polyethylene by a three-layer extrusion method with the addition of necessary dyes and stabilizers. Water basin film has a thickness of 350 or 500 microns, is produced by segments 8 x 10 m and is packaged in the original box. At the customer’s request it is possible to buy the film in the roll form (canvas width 8 meters, length 100 meters). One canvas (8 x 10 m) is designed for garden water basin of appr. length 6 m and width 4 m, with a maximum depth 1.5 m.


Operating characteristics of the “Laguna” film 

  • absolutely watertight
  • increased strength
  • does not change its properties over the years
  • resistance to chemically active substances
  • resistance to UV exposure
  • resistance to high and low temperatures
  • applied on any ground
  • does not emit harmful substances, which allows fish-farming


The products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 10354-82, all products have the Certificate of Quality and Safety and Health Certificate of the Ministry of Health Ukraine.