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Decorative film

Decorative film, which is referred to as a plastic tablecloth, is a practical and esthetic solution both for home kitchen table and for use in the country or in the countryside.

Tablecloth from the “Planet Plastic” represents the product, which was produced according to a special formula from the compositions of polymeric materials with the application of high-quality printing of various designs. To select the optimum type of tablecloth we offer various thicknesses both for a long-term use (thickness 150 microns) and thinner (50 microns) for a single use.

Plastic tablecloth is practical in use; it can withstand high temperatures, does not slip on the table, has a high quality printing, and most importantly, plastic tablecloth is odor free and does not emit harmful substances.

The product is delivered in wound rolls 25 and 50 rm, width 1.40 m.

If you wish to buy plastic tablecloth of the “Planet Plastic” production, please contact our responsible trend managers.