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“Planet Plastic” uses for its production the main component – polyethylene. Modern equipment and special relation to the raw materials are the basis providing the highest quality of products.


“Planet Plastic” is preferred among others for over 16 years owing to:


Perfect product quality. All our products are of particular strength and reliability, and it largely depends on the raw materials. Therefore, we use for the production high-quality expensive polyethylene of well-known manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the CIS, which is thoroughly tested in our own laboratory.


Unique production formulation. After the raw materials have been tested for moisture and fluidity, the polyethylene granules and other components get into the modern production line, where the automated systems set all the required parameters. We use modern production technologies, innovations and unique formulations that are specially designed by our experts to ensure high performance characteristics of our products.


The products are not released by the company until the Quality Control Department makes sure of its quality and compliance with the regulatory documents.


We also take care of nature.

When producing such technical products as construction film, technical pipe, etc., we use recycled polyethylene granule, which is made of the own production waste.

We pay great attention to the modernization, fitting with modern equipment, the gross productivity of which makes 3,500 tons of polyethylene products per month.


Production capacities:

  • 7 extrusion lines for the production of polyethylene film;
  • 6 extrusion lines for the production of polyethylene pipes;
  • 2 lines for flexographic printing;
  • 2 solder lines;
  • equipment for cutting rolled materials.