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“Planet Plastic” Quality Standards

Quality Management System of the “Planet Plastic” is certified in the international certification body Bureau Veritas as compliant with the standard ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements”.

What for do we need the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate?

ISO 9001 Certificate makes our customers confident in quality of our products, as the activity of the company is verified by the globally recognized certification body – BUREAU VERITAS Certification. All our processes are focused on the customer satisfaction, which is the fundamental principle of ISO 9001. Our experts support the enterprise operation at the appropriate level by regular internal audits. ISO 9001 Certificate confirms the enterprise maturity in its benchmarks for quality.

International ISO standards facilitate the exchange of goods and services, sustainable economic growth, implementation of innovative technologies, health protection, as well as safety and environmental protection.

The company has Quality Control Department and own certified laboratory.

Quality Control Department provides 24-h/7-day control over the quality of produced products and its compliance with the requirements.

Main functions of the Department:

Assessment of products conformity to the imposed requirements:

  • determining the customer’s requirements and regulatory document, which applied to the products, and their observance on the production, packaging, warehousing, storage, transportation and disposal stages

Preventing the use or delivery of nonconforming products:

  • control over the displacement of non-conforming products into rejection areas
  • control over the storage conditions of raw materials, component parts and finished products

Preventing defects in the production process:

  • compliance control over production processes
  • only certified measuring equipment to monitor the production parameters
  • use of raw materials, which has passed the inspection test and meets the certificate requirements
  • proposal development as regards the stepping up of requirements to product quality


Testing Laboratory conducts tests of finished products to verify its compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Functions of the Testing Laboratory:

  • maintenance of the finished products in accordance with the requirements of the documents of quality
  • development of technical specifications for the products, which are manufactured by the company
  • introduction of new testing techniques

preparation of products for voluntary certification and technical supervision